How to Stop Power struggles and Resolve Conflict in Your Family

How to Stop Power Struggles and Resolve Conflict in Your Family

"Parenting Legacy and Kyle Wester have been game changers for our family!! Worth every penny."


Are you tired of power struggles in your home?

Are you worn out from arguing with your children or hearing them argue daily? 

Are you wanting tools for reducing conflict, but don’t have time to read a bunch of books or spend hours in parenting classes? 

Do you wish your children were more cooperative and respectful? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if they got along better with their siblings and peers? 

In this course, you will learn the skills you need to create a home free from power struggles. I will show you how to teach your children to resolve conflict, set healthy boundaries, and be respectful to themselves and others. I will show you how to turn resistance into cooperation.

Once you have finished this course, you will see how conflict is a tool to create an environment where everyone is heard and respected. I believe it will strengthen your relationships with your children and spouse.

What if in a few days you could completely switch how you approach power struggles and conflict in your life? 

Drawing from my experience working with thousands of families for almost 20 yrs, I will help you create a home where both parents and children are able to be cooperative and respectful. In this course you will learn the skills I have been teaching parents for over a decade.

• How to understand what is causing power struggles in your home and why they continue to happen
• How to resolve conflict with your children so that it develops a closer relationship
• How to identity your communication style and move towards assertive communication
• How to help your children resolve conflict with siblings and peers
• How to teach your children healthy boundaries so they are less likely to be bullied or become a bully
• How to raise children that are respectful and assertive
• My 10 favorite techniques to help turn resistance into cooperation
• How to identify your parenting style and consciously choose a more effective approach
• The latest in brain science so you can understand where you and your children are at in the brain and the most appropriate way to respond

“The Parent Legacy course made me realize that by changing MY approach and MY mindset when it comes to power struggles, I can teach my boys how to effectively communicate and resolve conflict. That’s a game changer… and fills me with HOPE instead of despair.”


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Kyle Wester

I am Kyle Wester, a licensed professional counselor and certified Peaceful Parenting Coach. I have worked with children for almost 20 years. I have been able to help thousands of families over that time period. I have had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of kids as they explained to me what they were wanting and needing from their parents. I am passionate about helping parents and children develop a relationship that is exciting, enjoyable, and sustainable, even into their adult years. I am creating this product so I can give you as much of that knowledge and experience as possible.

"Yes yes YES!!! I can not recommend Kyle enough!!! This is well worth your time and money. 


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