How to Understand and Communicate with Your Teenager

Course Summary

Kyle Wester, Licensed Professional Counselor, uses the latest information in neuroscience to help you understand your teenager and how to help him/her become an independent and healthy adult. 

Are you tired of fighting with your teenager and exhausted from all of the conflict?

Don’t you wish you had a relationship with your teenager that was full of joy and excitement rather than frustration and anxiety?

In this course, you will learn 3 vital steps to transforming the communication in your home.

At the end of this course, you will have the tools you need to create a relationship with your teenager built on respect, cooperation, trust, and communication.

Do you feel like you have tried everything to reach your teenager but he/she still won’t listen to you? 

Are your interactions constantly conflictual and tense? 
Do you long for those days when your relationship seemed more enjoyable? 

What if (in a few short days) you could learn the skills you need to once again have a heathy, honest, and thriving relationship with your child?

You will gain the skills to experience a transformation in how you communicate and relate to your teenager. 

In this course, you will learn the practical skills I have gathered from working closely with teenagers for almost 20 years. 

**How to listen and understand your teenager.

**How to use assertive communication to set limits and boundaries

**How to empower yourself to change the relationship, even if your teenager is closed off

**How to turn defiance into cooperation

**How to identify triggers in yourself so you can approach your child without anger and fear

Currently, you are likely struggling with even having a pleasant conversation with your teenager. 

Every interaction seems to turn into a battle.

Imagine if you and your teenager looked forward to talking to each other. 

You could have enjoyable conversations about their day and their dreams. 

I have tried everything with my teenager, how is this any different than other parenting approaches? 
Most parenting approaches are focused on the parent trying to control or change the child’s behavior which I feel is not something a parent can do. In this approach, you will be shown how to use your power to change the only person you can change, yourself. This will then model for the teenager what you are wanting them to do which is a more sustainable solution.

I think our relationship is too damaged for anything to help. 
Over my 20 yrs of working with teenagers and families, I have seen a lot of fractured families. I’ve had the opportunity to help many of these families become much closer by using the very techniques I am showing you in this course.

How can things change if my teenager isn’t interested in changing the relationship?

I am going to show you how you can transform the relationship without the teenager initially even being interested. This will then cause the teenager to be more interested in actively participating in changing the dynamics.

In this course, you will be provided with three lessons filled with all of the info I would give to clients I am coaching one on one in our first 3-4 sessions.

In the first lesson, you will learn to take back your power in the relationship. I will show you how to change the narrative that is dictating the relational conflict. 

In the second lesson, I will show you how to understand what is going on in your teenager’s brain and how to communicate with them. 

In the third lesson, I will show you how to set boundaries with your teenager that are respectful, sustainable, and healthy. 

You will also get two bonus videos. One will give you a really simple and helpful understanding of the brain. The other will help you identify your parenting style and articulate what it looks like to do peaceful parenting. 

The printable workbooks will provide creative ways to connect with your teenager, assist you in rewiring your brain towards gratitude, and develop a vision statement for your parenting. 

Course Curriculum

Kyle Wester

I am Kyle Wester, a licensed professional counselor and certified Peaceful Parenting Coach. I have worked with children for almost 20 years. I have been able to help thousands of families over that time period. I have had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of kids as they explained to me what they were wanting and needing from their parents. I am passionate about helping parents and children develop a relationship that is exciting, enjoyable, and sustainable, even into their adult years. I am creating this product so I can give you as much of that knowledge and experience as possible.


Tulsa, OK

"We will be forever grateful for all we have learned from Kyle Wester. Little did we know that taking our oldest to see Kyle for his high anxiety would result in an ongoing journey of learning about connection, emotional intelligence, and how to respectfully parent while keeping our sanity. Our whole family has benefited from our experience! I would highly recommend him for anyone!"

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Awesome course!

Awesome course!

3 years ago
Bill & Melissa Reynolds


My wife and I have really enjoyed going through this course. We have already applied several of the things we have learned to help us with our three daughters. It has really helped bring to light some issues within us that needs to be adjusted as well. I would recommend this course to anyone that has kids regardless of their ages.

3 years ago

Lots of great, actionable content at a good price

I'm glad it gives you lifetime access. I'll be coming back for a refresher soon.

3 years ago